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For pictures and stories of all things dog, including shar-pei who are looking for help, please visit our facebook page TnT Sharpei Rescue, link below.



Mission Statement:  

Our priority are shelter dogs, and dogs in situations of cruelty and neglect.                

About us... 

Our head office is located in the Fraser Valley BC, with rescue associates in Vancouver, Delta,  BC Interior and Alberta(Canada). Contact us here.

We are a registered charity with the Canadian government and a non-profit society in BC.


We work with shelters in providing foster homes for sharpei that need assistance.  Foster homes are a key component in the dog's rehabilitation both mentally and physically.

 We assist owners with rehoming their sharpei by supplying our applicant questionnaire, reference check form, and by encouraging owners to do home visits.


         Find us                                                                                                            @tntsharpeirescu

You too can rescue, donate and help those who cannot speak...      

All donations are income tax deductible.